Origination Features

Application Workflow

Configurable Rule Engine

  • Build rules to automatically instigate a range of actions based on the quality of the loan application
  • Define validation rules to ensure the correct information has been collected before a loan can move onto the next stage
  • Enable risk-based pricing by ranking the quality of the applicant based on criteria you define, and matching this score with a sliding scale of available rates

Advanced Loan Calculator

  • Instantly calculate all aspects of a loan directly on the platform, without using messy formulas
  • Access itemised loan amounts and different rates for individual items
  • Pre-built options for complex loan structures including
    • Step up/down payments
    • Balloon payments
    • Multiple rate
    • Index based rates
  • Retrieve origination data from external sources such as your customer portal

Document Workflows

  • Easy collection of documents from customers that link directly to their application
  • Create workflows to review and approve documents efficiently

Queue Management

  • Assign tasks to the appropriate team member automatically
  • Complete visibility over where an application is at any time of the process

Other Features

Partner Incentives

Understand the performance of channel partners at a glance

View product dependant commissions upfront before booking a loan