Servicing Features

Automated Statement And Due Generation

  • Generate statements and dues as per payment schedule, or in advance to enable clear communication with the customer

Multiple Balances And Payment Allocation Rules

  • Choose which payments are allocated to the principal amount, interest or fees to easily manage customer-driven changes to the schedule
  • Enables you to better understand the profitability of your loans, with positive flow-on effects for your accounting processes

Generate Detailed Pay-off Code

  • Track your customers ad-hoc payments easily by providing them with pay-off codes

Syndication & Securitization

  • Connect multiple investors with a borrow, and pass information and payments to and from interested parties
  • Quickly generate a securitisation pool and link contracts to the securitisation SPV

Contract Re-scheduling

  • Change the payment schedule, rates, fees and principal at any time

Other Features

Payment Gateway Integrations

Receive payments from any recognised gateway provider

Automated Fee Processing

Remove manual processes surrounding charging fees of any kind

Transaction Access Control

Control the types of posts different teams and staff members can make within the system to enable strict approval processes

Back and Future-date Transactions

Make adjustments to previous and future posts on the system which reflect across the schedule of the loan