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The Future of Lending is Now Manage every aspect of lending

Feature-rich and flexible, Prizm provides an out of the box solution for lending institutions, bringing all your customer information, deals and contracts together on a single online platform.

This intuitive solution brings lending into the digital age, delivering a one-stop location for loan management, starting from origination to underwriting to servicing and collections.

Prizm handles complex business processes with simplicity and ease, giving you a comprehensive, 360 degree view of every customer, no matter where they’re at in the borrowing process. Customize Prizm to meet your requirements so you can minimize manual tasks, maximize productivity and give your customers an unrivalled borrowing experience.


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Flexibility And Configurability
To Give Your Business The Edge

Single  Source Of Truth

Single Source Of Truth

View customer applications, get customised reports and check customer status dashboards, all from one place.
Robust Rule Engine

Robust Rule Engine

Customise Prizm for Automated Decisioning, Business Policy Validation, and Product and Pricing Selection with an in-built robust rule engine.
Automated Decisions

Automated Decisions

Automate credit decisions by using Prizm’s rule engine that can analyze and evaluate any number of attributes related to the application or applicants.
Advance Calculations

Advance Calculations

Prizm’s in-built loan calculator makes it easier to calculate Multi-Rate Schedule, Fixed-Term Fixed-Amount Payments, Step-up/Step- down/Bullet Payments and more.
Dues & Payment Processing

Dues & Payment Processing

Maximize operational productivity with Prizm Lending Suite's out-of-the-box automated processes to generate dues and payments for the loan contracts.
Access Control

Access Control

Securely provide access to the documents and transactions by controlling the permissions at the user and/or profile level.
Reports & Dashboards

Reports & Dashboards

Generate customizable reports and dashboards to deliver a 360 degree view of your lending portfolio in real time, at any time.
Cross-Platform Integration

Cross-Platform Integration

Connect to any core financial system or other third party platforms for even more efficiency across your end-to-end lending process.

Origination Improve customer experience from the get-go with faster decisions and responses.

  • Seamlessly onboard new customers by using fully customizable application forms
  • Streamline the loan application process by setting up a range of product options
  • Configure and tailor origination workflow stages as per your own business processes
  • Lenders and clients benefit from faster contract settlement

Underwriting Set rules to streamline the decision-making process and better manage your clients’ expectations.

  • Conduct faster credit evaluations with the help of advanced rule engine
  • Generate multiple pricing offers and easily share pricing options with the customers
  • Offer faster approval thanks to inbuilt risk management and underwriting tools
  • Effectively manage documents for better collaboration and transparency

Servicing Stay on top of loan repayments and customer histories with at-a-glance dashboards and more.

  • Keep better track of dues and repayments with customizable dashboards
  • Automate email communications and notifications to reduce missed payments
  • Provide more responsive customer service by being notified of milestones and due dates
  • Integrate with any core financial system and third party applications for payment processors,
    accounting, etc.

Collections Configure strategies and actions are per your business for better collections management.

  • Be automatically notified of defaults so you can respond faster
  • Automate customer communications and follow-ups to minimize your task list
  • Manage delinquency and loan collection activities with automated assignments
  • Handle customer financial hardship with advanced contract restructuring

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Flexible, innovative and Salesforce ready, Prizm makes life easier across the lending spectrum.